13-25 mm diameter tubes


Small tubes with capacities from 3 - 50 ml are ideal for product samples and small fill cosmetic product such as eye cream, eye serum, liquid foundation, concealer, lip- gloss and lip balm. The smallest tube is 13 mm diameter with fill capacity of 3 ml.


Tubes are made of standard LDPE plastic, 1 or multi-layers and are fully customizable with offset printing, silkscreen and hot stamping. Tubes can be in almost any PMS color, matte, glossy finish upon customer’s choice. Applicator tubes include needle nose, lip-gloss applicator, ceramic, metal roller ball, foam, and silicon to meet specific usage needs.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000-20,000 pcs

451TB-TX1301 w/cap TX120901 451TB-TX1303 451TB-TX1304/cap TX101901 451TB-TX1301/capTX121801
451TB-TX1302 cap TX131901 451TB-TX1603 w/cap TX152001 451TB-TX1609 451TB-TX1610 w/cap TX151802
451TB-TX1601 cap TX151101 451TB-TX1605 cap TX151901 451TB-TX1606 451TB-TX1611 w/cap TX152005
451TB-TX16010/TX19010 451TB-TX16002/TX19002 451TB-TX16001/TX19001 451TB-TX16004/TX19004
451TB-TX1614 451TB-TX19008 451TB-TX1930 451TB-TX1902
451TB-TX1908 451TB-TX1901 w/cap TX192401 + NS192401 451TB-TX1904 w/cap TX193101 + NS 451TB-TX1906 w/cap TX144701
451TB-TX1902 cap TX153201 451TB-TX1902 cap TX192403 451TB-TX1902 cap TX181201 451TB-TX1905 Cap: TX172201
451TB-TX1913 w/cap TX192601 451TB-TX1915 w/cap TX192701 451TB-TX1921 w/cap TX172001 451TB-TX1922 w/cap TX161902
451TB-TX2201 w/cap TX182001 + NS 451TB-19mm Microsseism Series 64TB-15mm double ended tube 64TB-19mm slanted tip lip gloss
451TB-TX2201 cap TX202005 451TB-TX2205 cap TX212001 451TB-TX2201 cap TX211901T 451TB-TX2201 w/cap TX192101 + NS

451TB-TX2201 w/cap TX212701 451TB-TX2202 w/cap TX194301 451TB-TX2504 Cap: TX231301 451TB-TX2503 wcap TX242601 + NS
451TB-TX2506 w/cap TX244301 451TB-TX2504 cap TX241602 451TB-TX2503 Cap: TX242501+NS 451TB-TX3002 w/cap TX264201