30-40 mm diameter tubes


Medium size tubes with capacities from 30 – 165 ml are suitable for a wide range of cosmetic, health and beauty products, as well as pharmaceutical products. A variety of fancy cap styles – acrylic cap, special finished cap besides the basic flip and twist cap allows brands to thrill for higher value. You can upscale your product value with oval tubes instead of traditional round tubes.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs

451TB-TX3009 Cap: TX281901 451TB-TX3014 cap TX242701 451TB-TX1304/cap TX302803 451TB-TX3018-1/capTX301801-1
451TB-TX3010 cap TX304203 451TB-TX3010 w/cap TX304204 451TB-TX3018 cap TX293201 451TB-TX3006 w/cap TX302401
451TB-TX3015 cap TX302103 451TB-TX3013 cap TX302403 451TB-TX3004A Cap: TX302801+NS 451TB-TX3005C w/capTX302002
451TB-TX3003 cap TX303501+NS 451TB-TX3503 w/cap TX342201 451TB-TX3502 cap TX352601+NS 451TB-TX3516 w/cap TX273001+NS
451TB-TX3514 cap TX342501 451TB-TX3514 cap TX342801 451TB-TX3522 cap TX171501 451TB-TX3501 Cap: TX352502
451TB-TX3524 w/cap TX192601 451TB-TX3510 451TB-TX3507 451TB-TX3512 w/cap TX161902
451TB-TX3804 w/cap TX332103 451TB-TX3803 cap TX382401 451TB-TX3802 Cap: TX383101 451TB-TX3804 Cap: TX262004
451TB-TX3804 cap TX342201 451TB-TX3801A Cap: TX382301 451TB-TX4001 cap TX383201 451TB-TX4004 w/cap TX372701

451TB-TX4001 w/cap TX342501 451TB-TX4001 w/cap TX383101 451TB-TX4001 cap: TX372902 451TB-TX4001 cap: TX382801
451TB-TX4003 Cap TX372401 451TB-TX4007 cap TX273201 451TB-TX4001 Cap:TX332701 451TB-TX4008 w/cap Cap: TX382001
451TB-TX4015 Cap TX402501 451TB-TX4013 cap TX392301 451TX-TX4005 Cap: TX403201 451TB-TX3002 w/cap TX382001
451TB-TX4011 Cap TX403101 451TB-TX4012 cap TX403001 451TB-TX4011 Cap:TX402801 451TB-TX4010 w/cap TX402303
647TB-30-40mm 647TB-25-40mm 647TB-30-40mm 451TB-35mm