45-60 mm diameter tubes


Medium to large size tubes with capacities from 95 - 385 ml are often used for health and beauty products, hair care product such as cleanser, body wash, body scrub, hair gels and etc


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs

451TB-TX4504 w/cap TX432401 451TB-TX4504 cap TX432101 451TB-TX4505 /cap TX463001 451TB-TX4502 /capTX454301
451TB-TX5002cap TX482502 451TB-TX1603 w/cap TX482201 451TB-TX5002 Cap: TX372201 451TB-TX5003 w/cap TX503002
451TB-TX5001 Cap: TX503001 451TB-TX5004 cap TX502602 451TB-TX5501 cap:TX552201 451TB-TX5502 w Cap: TX552501
451TB-TX4501 451TB-TX50001 451TB-TX6001capTX582801 451TB-TX6001