Airless pump tubes


As airless packaging becomes more popular, the demand for airless pump tube packaging has increased. They provide a high-end look with the sleekness of a traditional tube while offering a more economical alternative to airless bottles and jars. Airless tubes are traditional cosmetic tubes complete with an airless pump. The airless pump allows a controlled delivery at each pump while eliminating the need for air intake.


Formulas packaged in airless pump tubes retain their natural moisture as they protected from outside moisture and oxygen. Its barrier against contact with moisture and oxygen makes them an ideal packaging alternative for sensitive and non-preservative formulations. This promises a longer shelf life compared to those packed in traditional cosmetic tubes because they cannot contract any cross contamination as a result of contact with outside contaminants.


Airless pump tubes are the best fit for almost any formula. Low and high viscosity formulas thrive in this dispense system because airless pumps can pump almost any consistency.  and dispense almost all product compared to the traditional squeeze tube.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs

451TB-TX2506 w/cap TX244301 451TB-TX3019 cap TX302005 451TB-TX3018 cap TX301801 451TB-TX3002 cap TX264201
451TB-TX3012 cap TX264201 451TB-TX3527 w/cap TX354001 451TB-TX3515 cap TX314301 451TB-TX3519 w/cap TX314302
451TB-TX3520 with Cap: TX503001 451TB-TX3521 w/cap TX314304