Silk Screening


Silk screening is a decorating technique in which ink is transferred through a screen to the surface.  Silk screening can print up to 3 PMS colors. Each color is applied separately using a different screen. Silk screening produces more solid color and raised print which gives packaging a high end and elegant look.  


Hot stamping


Hot stamping uses heat pressure to transfer colored foils onto surface. Hot stamping creates shiny effect with gold, silver or other color foils to emphasize logo or artwork details.


Offset printing


Offset printing can print up to 6 colors including half-tone and gradation. Instead of using screens, offset printing uses plates to transfer ink onto surface. Offset printing is more precise on multi-color artwork.


Photo printing


Photo printing use CMYK digital printing process to transfer image onto surface. Photo printing is great with more complex artworks, pictures and etc.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs


Silk screening Offset Printing
Hot Stamping Photo Printing