How to measure tube size


1. Decide your capacity: Based on the  frequency usage of the formula, choose the size of the tube that suits your products. Our tube capacity range from 5 ml (0.17 oz.) to 385 ml (13 oz.) The capacity is showed on the first left column of the chart bellow.


2. Pick the diameter: Depend on the size of the tube, you will pick the diameter that is the best fit. It will determine the length of your tube. The diameter is listed on the horizontal top row of the chart bellow. Our tubes diameter ranges from 13 mm to 60 mm for round tube and 25 mm to 50 mm oval tube.


3. Measure the length: After you determine the diameter and capacity of the tube, based on the chart bellow, you will find the suitable length of the tube. You can also adjust the length of the tube making it longer than it should be to achieve more perceived value.


Orifice options: 1 - 9 mm