Lip and Eye tubes


TPC offers a wide range of targeted applicator tubes for eye creams, skincare serums, and lip products. Cooling metal and ceramic tips provide extra massage sensation, perfect for dark circle eye cream and lip balm. In the competitive beauty industry, applicator tubes are a cost effective solution to add values to final products.


Eye applicator tubes include needle nose, ceramic, metal roller ball, and micro vibrate tubes. Micro-vibrate tube has a mini massage mechanism on the tip of the tube - an innovative solution for under eye cream products. Lip applicator tubes include lip gloss applicators such as brush, silicon, and doe foot.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 - 20,000 pcs

451TB-TX16005/TX19005 451TB-TX16010/TX19010 451TB-TX1304/cap TX101901 451TB-TX1301/capTX121801
451TB-TX1302 cap TX131901 451TB-TX16002/TX19002 451TB-TX16004/TX19004 451TB-TX1610 w/cap TX151802
451TB-TX16001/TX19001 451TB-TX1605 cap TX151901 451TB-TX1606 451TB-TX1611 w/cap TX152005
451TB-TX1908 451TB-TX1901 w/cap TX192401 + NS192401 451TB-TX1904 w/cap TX193101 + NS 451TB-TX1906 w/cap TX144701
451TB-TX1902 cap TX153201 451TB-TX1902 cap TX192403 451TB-TX19008 451TB-TX1905 Cap: TX172201
451TB-TX1913 w/cap TX192601 451TB-TX19007 451TB-TX1921 w/cap TX172001 451TB-TX1922 w/cap TX161902
451TB-TX16006/TX19006 451TB-19mm Microsseism Series 451TB-TX1612 capTX153602 64TB-19mm slanted tip lip gloss
451TB-TX1614 capTX1523005 451TB-TX19009 451TB-TX1930 capTX182808 451TB-TX2201 w/cap TX192101 + NS