Oval, Super Oval, Flat cosmetic tubes


More brands embrace oval tube now because of the aesthetic appeal it brings to the table. Oval tubes can give the conventional tube an edge with a wide selection of styles and caps. Unique cap styles such as acrylic double walled, oval flip top, UV finished will add value to the oval shape which help your product stand out against the traditional round tubes. Capacity, height, diameter, color and finish are custom made to meet customer's need. Printing includes silkscreen, off-set, and hot stamping.


Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs

451TB-TX2507 cap TX252001 451TB-TX2508 w/cap TX252701 451TB-TX3014 cap TX242701 451TB-TX3006 w/cap TX302401
451TB-TX3015 cap TX302103 451TB-TX3013 cap TX302403 451TB-TX3004A Cap: TX302801+NS 451TB-TX3005C w/capTX302002
451TB-TX3003 cap TX303501+NS 451TB-TX3016-1 w/cap TX302803 451TB-TX3016 w/cap TX302803 451TB-TX3511 w/cap TX352401
451TB-TX3003 cap TX303101+NS 451TB-TX3501 cap TX352501 451TB-TX3504 cap TX352503 451TB-TX3501 Cap: TX352502
451TB-TX3505A w/cap TX352602 451TB-TX3510 451TB-TX3507 451TB-TX3512 w/cap TX161902
451TB-TX3801A w/cap TX382301 451TB-TX3803 cap TX382401 451TB-TX4005 Cap: TX402701 451TB-TX4010 Cap: TX402303
451TB-TX4015 Cap TX402501 451TB-TX4013 cap TX392301 451TX-TX4005 Cap: TX403201 451TB-TX3002 w/cap TX382001
451TB-TX4005 cap TX402302 451TB-TX4012 cap TX403001 451TB-TX4011 Cap:TX402801 451TB-TX4005 w/cap: TX402702
451TB-TX4005 cap TX402302 451TB-TX4503 with cap TX452701 451TB-TX5003 Cap:TX402801 451TB-TX5001 w/cap: TX503001